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A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society

>104 Falkner street


I hope you can help.
My ancestors lived in Toxteth Park around the early 1900s.
In the 1911 census, Annie Abrahams was a patient in the Toxteth Park Samaritan Hospital For Women (36 Up parliament Street). Would you be able to tell me what manner of hospital this was?
In 1924, her mother Hannah Abrahams died at 104 Falkner street. What was this street like in the 1920s? Was it a respectable area or rather less so?
I hope that you will be able to help.
Dan Abrahams

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  1. >Falkner Street Was originally known as Crabtree lane, but was renamed Falkner Street after Edward Falkner, who it was said raised a thousand men in under one hour for the defence of the town, when the French threatened to invade. Falkner Square Laid out by Edward Falkner who had intended calling it Wellington Square Although the houses were of a handsome design many stood empty for years. The square was located too far out of town and up a not inconsiderable incline when the mode of transport was horse and carriage. It soon became known as ‘Falkners Folly’regardsRob AinsworthLiverpool History Society

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