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A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society

>Twilight and Wallflowers


Dear Sir/Madam,
My mother’s first cousin twice removed, Annie Reid, wrote ‘A Little History about Liverpool’ in 1911. It was published by Henry Frowde, Oxford University Press, Hodder & Stoughton.
We have a copy of the book, but don’t know how or why she came to write it. Do you have any information on this?
On a separate topic, my mother, Jean Arnold, has written her childhood memoirs – ‘Twilight and Wallflowers’ (Peacock Publications, Norwood, ISBN 1921008903, paperback, 322pp). A revised edition was published in December 2008. I attach a .pdf of the front and back covers for your information. The book sells for eighteen pounds (including post and packing).

The back cover of the book contains this description:

“Twilight and Wallflowers is a warm story of the author’s childhood. Set largely in Liverpool, but with sojourns whilst evacuated in Colomendy, North Wales, and after the war, a time in Barton-upon-Humber. The story speaks with feeling, but not shallow sentimentality, of the joys, the wonders, the people, and the sadnesses of life in the Depression and later the war as seen through young eyes.

“Jean Arnold has brought to life the generations of people who populated her childhood.She has done so with a style that makes us feel we have known them and her, So too, Liverpool of the thirties and forties lives before us through her descriptions – a city of warmth and of bustle that may have moved beyond its golden age of prosperity by that time,
but remained irrepressible nevertheless.”

Does the Liverpool History Society provide a means of advising members of the availability of books such as my mothers?
I look forward to your response,
Yours sincerely,
Dr Lynn Arnold AO,
43 Charlick Circuit
Adelaide, S Australia 5000

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  1. Dear Dr Arnold,

    Thank you for your enquiry, I apologise for the delay in replying.

    Liverpool History Society does indeed hold a small library, and lends to its members certain items necessary for research or, if possible provides exerpts of certain material online, (if books are for reference only).

    I regret to say that we do not hold the books listed below which would indeed be regarded as a valuable source of social history within LHS’s catalogue.

    Kind regards,

    Cynthia (LHS Librarian)

    Comment by Liverpool History | 22/04/2009 | Reply

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