Liverpool History Society Questions

A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society

>Islington Row

>Dear Sir,

I am researching my family hitory and have found my great Grand Parents originated from Liverpool.  They are listed as living in Islington Row, Liverpool around 1856.  I cannot find the street on any old maps of the city and hope you are able to help.


Cynthia Cowell
Long Beach.

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>William Champs



I am reearchng the life of Mr Champs do you know if he has any connections with Liverpool?


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>Martins Bank

>Dear Sir,

Do you know where Martins Bank in Liverpool City centre is?  I have searched local maps but I am unable to locate the building and suspect it may no longer be around.


Peter Faulk


During the Second World War, a large part of Britain’s gold reserve was stored in the Liverpool branch of Martins Bank. 

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>Everton Beacon


do you know if the Everton Beacon was a stucture or building.

John Temple

Everton Beacon (c1220) consisted of a rectangular tower of three storeys.
It was blown down in a storm in 1803. The site is now occupied by St George’s Church.

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>Botanic Gardens Wavertree

>Hello Liverpool History Society,

I am trying to locate the site of Liverpool Botanic Gardens in Wavertree, can you please provide any information on the location.

Best wishes



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>Last duel fought in Liverpool

>Dear Liverpool History Society,

Do you know when the last duel was fought in Liverpool and the outcome.


Mr L Sherpe

  Dingle Glen near to where the last duel in the Dingle was carried out.

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>High Rip Gang and the Tithebarn Street Outrage

>Hello ,

can you help me find any information about the notoroius Liverpool gang, called the High Rip Gang..



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