Liverpool History Society Questions

A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society

>Everton Brow with the lock up


I was looking at your history site and came across  a picture of Everton Brow with the lock up.
The reason I  was browsing through your site was because years ago I purchased an original water colour by an artist I think is called F.Beattie. It was such a fascinating study of early victorian antiquity that I wanted to know more about where and when it was painted.
I purchased the painting in Plymouth Devon, which is where I live, for the frame to use on another picture as the painting is faded and in poor condition. However I became fascinated with the picture as it  was so  old and being original , I had to  know more.
It is of the place you call Brow side and depicts  the little building I now know is called the lock up and Mrs Coopers Toffee shop in a row of 15th century cottages,.

I have found out about the toffee shop and it’s connections to your Everton Football Club etc. This is how I traced your site.
I have enclosed a couple of digital images for your interest but I want to know more about the artist.
I love the mix of industrial Revolution England with the remenants of 15th to early 19th century life. All in one picture.
Alan Edwards

Alan`s Water Colour of Everton Lock up and the Toffee Shop

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McDonough’s General Store, Ainsworth Street, Liverpool


I don’t know whether you can help me or point me in the right direction.  I am looking for any information with regards to the general store that was located in Ainsworth Street, Liverpool during the 50’s and 60’s.  I believe it was run by the McDonough family. Daniel & Margaret (Mary).

Ideally I would like a photograph of the shop.

Kind Regards

Carl Wilson

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>Walton Wind Mill

>Hello Rob,
I am trying to find a photograph or print of Walton Wind Mill and wondered whether you are able to help.

Best wishes


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