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Liverpool Architectural and Archaeological Society Letters

Hello Rob

I have a bundle of hand written letters in my possesion they are all from 1848 and are all from members of the Liverpool Architectural and Archaeological Society,they are in very good condition,some of the names are Picton and Horsefall.

Are they of any value intrest thanks Ian


04/05/2010 - Posted by | Liverpool Architectural and Archaeological Society Letters


  1. Hello Ian,

    I have no idea as to whether they have a value, possibly not as I do not know many Liverpool empheria collectors. As you may know James Picton was a well known Liverpool Historian and Horsfall was a landowner in the city.

    I would suspect they would be of interest to members of the Liverpool History Society, but I do not know of any who are involved in Architectural research.

    I would be interested to know where you managed to obtain them as they probably give a fascinating insight into mid Victorian Liverpool`s institutions.


    Rob Ainsworth

    Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society

    Comment by Liverpool History | 04/05/2010 | Reply

  2. Hi Ian and Rob,

    I’m really interested in the architecture of Liverpool as part of the urban landscape, and especially the work of Picton.

    If you’re thinking of selling them I’d be interested, or if you’d like any help making them more widely available (scanning and posting online, transcribing them etc) then I’d love to help.

    What kind of topics do they cover?


    Comment by Martin Greaney | 01/02/2011 | Reply

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