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>Foster Street Pub and Tetley Beer


My father was in a pub on Foster Street where he ordered a Tetley Beer (closest thing apparently to Canadian beer) in the Second World War (he was in the Navy). He mentioned it was near the Rialto Dance Hall. I’m going to England next week and I’m visiting Liverpool. I would love to see this pub and yes have a Tetley Beer. He cannot remember the name of the pub. Could you shed any light. My grandparents were from England and I have always wanted to visit the place where they were born. I’m from Toronto, Canada and can’t wait to finally visit the country of our family. Thanks for any help


18/08/2010 - Posted by | Foster Street Pub and Tetley Beer

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  1. Hello,

    I am not sure whether any public houses still survive in Foster Street as since the smoking ban cam into effect a few years ago this has contributed to the demise of public houses particularly in cities. The history of Tetley Walker is interesting because Allied Breweries took over a number of local breweries as a result of a 1961 merger between Ind Coope (of Burton), Ansells (of Birmingham), and Tetley Walker (of Leeds).

    In 1978, Allied Breweries merged with the food and catering group J. Lyons and Co to form Allied Lyons. The breweries business was merged with Carlsberg in 1992 and became Carlsberg-Tetley. Carlsberg-Tetley is now known as Carlsberg UK and has announced the closure of Leeds Brewery in 2011. When this happens, the only surviving brewery of the Allied Breweries group will be Ind Coope Burton Brewery, which Carlsberg-Tetley sold to Bass in 1997. Through a series of take-overs and name changes, Ind Coope Burton Brewery is now owned by Molson Coors and operates as Burton North Brewery.

    Joshua Tetley of Leeds (founded 1822) and Walkers of Warrington (founded 1864) first merged to form Tetley Walker in 1960 and then merged with Ind Coope and Ansells to form Allied Breweries in 1961.

    I have attached a map of Foster Street that may help.


    Rob Ainsworth
    Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society

    Comment by Liverpool History | 18/08/2010 | Reply

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