Liverpool History Society Questions

A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society

Sefton House, Sefton Park

Where was   Sefton House, Sefton Park — I have been told it stood within Greenbank Park — can you verify ?

I usually find these things out myself but the Library research place is awkward to get to and not as easy-going as it was.

Thanks again

John Hussey


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48 Renshaw Street


I would need all information’s I can get about the long red brick stone building Renshaw Street 48 (where the biennale was).

I will do my bachelor work about this building but I couldn’t find any information’s.

It also would help if you could say me where I can find information’s or where I shell go to ask.

Thx a lot for your help.



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Mayfair Hotel in Park Lane

Keanes pub, Park Lane. Demolished in the 1980's

Hi Rob,

I have a superb painting of the Mayfair Hotel in Park Lane 1950 — there is a sub-title called Cain’s Folly. I would like to know if this building is still standing (suspect not —its too nice) and why was it called Cain’s Folly.

Many Thanks


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Liver Building clocks

Hello Rob,

I have been informed that the Liver Building clocks were started when the King was crowned,

Do you know if this is true,


Pete Tuffnel

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Moon Street off Pleasant Street.


Does anybody have any photos of the Brownlow Hill area of Liverpool, pre 1930’s ?

I’m particularly interested in MOON Street, which is just off Pleasant Street. My father’s family lived at number 48 for many years & I have a photo of the front of a house and I need to establish if this house is in Moon Street, as this will help me to identify a person in the photo.

The houses have long since been demolished

Thank you


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8 Morris Street Everton


I have been searching for a LIVERPOOL/EVERTON street location for several years now, all part of my family history research. My great great grandmother was the product of an American Sea Captain and a Liverpudlian lady, when she married she gave her address as 8 Morris Street, I am presuming this was in Everton as she married at the Parish church of St Emmanuel,Everton in 1874.

It would be wonderful just to find if anyone could pinpoint this street and even better if I could find out the name of the house residents at that time.

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Cocoa Rooms at 93 Great Howard Street Request

Does anyone have a photograph of the Cocoa Rooms at 93 Great Howard Street, please

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Jug with "Liverpool Fly"

I have acquired a pottery jug, 6 ½” tall, painted with a coaching scene on the side panels of which is written “Liverpool Fly.  The jug is circa 1795 (as sold to me), but could be anything up to circa 1820. In perfect condition tho’ with a little touching up to the coach.

I have done some research in a few Gages directories of that era but to no avail – there are many named Liverpool coaches but no “Liverpool Fly” that I can trace.

Photos attached – Any ideas?

Best Wishes,
Paul & Gill Breen,
E-Mail :

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Arthur W. Dexter and his Liverpool maternity hospital commemorative plaque

Dave Dexter
My uncle was the first superintendent of the Liverpool Maternity Hospital 1926-1957. He had a commemmorative plaque, which you can see on the website If you know where that plaque is, please email

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