Liverpool History Society Questions

A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society

Blackburne Place

In the 1891 Census I found that my Great Grandmother was living at 6
Blackburne(e) Place in Liverpool. I know she was connected with the Millinery/textiles trade, and judging by the folk lodging at number 6 it looks as though a lot of them were also connected with the trade in some way. Does anyone know whether the building had some tie-up with a Millinery or textiles firm ?
Many thanks.

Ursula Butchart

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Great Western


I’m researching a peculiar event that occurred in Liverpool in November 1864. Newspapers report that a large number of ‘glassblowers’ travelled from Dublin, Lonodn and Ashton to LIverpool, having been recruited to work in New York. A ship called the ‘Great Western’ was waiting but before all men had boarded some angry relatives complained to the police and the ship was deneid permission to sail. There is a strong suggestion that the men were being tricked into providing labour, or perhaps military service, for the Northern States which was at that time fighting the American civil war.  Certainly, the man who procured the workers was residing at the address of the radical John Baxter Langley who had shortly before been involved in preventing a Confederate blockade runner sailing from Newcastle…

Anyone know what was going on?

Dave George

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W Hunt Bookseller 26 Great George Street


I am researching where my Father lived in 1925, the only information I have is W. Hunt Bookseller 26 Gt George street.

But in 1911 census there is no number 26 does anyone have any information about this number why it was missing in 1911 and appeared in 1925 and whether there was a Bookseller named W Hunt Stores back then and when was it demolished

Thank you in anticipation of any information

V York

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