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Robert Clarke master of the Eliza Liddel

Hi and greetings from New Zealand.
I am trying to get information re Robert Clarke who was master of the Eliza Liddell [ J Cunard and Co ] which sailed from Liverpool to Sligo Ireland to Port Caraquet Canada. My interest is in the ships history also her master as he was an ancestor of mine.
If only I was back home in Liverpool to do this research for myself and not have to bother other people.
If you cannot help me, maybe you could point me to what direction to take.
Thank you for taking time to read this email and I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Joyce Hitchlock

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  1. There was a ship the ELIZA LIDDELL that left Sligo, Ireland on the 3 th
    june 1847 which arrived in Shippagan, Glou Co. New-Brunswick, Canada on the
    27 of july 1847.
    the captain was Robert CLARK.
    Here is the list of passengers as per : Le Grand Chipagan( histoire de
    Shippagan ) by Donat Robichaud (1976).
    As per the above book this list was publish in the Miramichi Cleaner on
    august 3 1847.
    Those who died during the voyage:[from the fever(?)typhoid]
    Patrick FALLEN, 3 yrs old, deceased 23 june.
    John MURTY, 30 yrs old, “” 3 july.
    Dominick BOYLE, 4 yrs old, “” 8 july.
    Mary GIVEHAM, 3 ans old, “” 17 july.
    Nancy BOYLE, 27 yrs old, “” 17 july.
    John BOYLE, 3 =BD yrs old “” 19 july.
    Mary GILLON, 30 yrs old, “” 17 july.
    Those who died after the voyage:=20
    This list was done by Dr. Thomas S. Baldwin on 0ctober 4, 1847.
    Owen FERNEY, 41 yrs old, 28 july.(consumption).
    Mrs GANNON, 82 yrs old, 4 august (debility and old age).
    James GANNON, her husband, 86 yrs old, 7 august.(debility and old age).
    Thomas YOUNG, 31 yrs old, 8 august.(brain fever).
    Bridgit CARROLL, 36 yrs old, 15 august.(dysentery).
    Bridgit NICHOLSON, 70 yrs old, 23 august.(debility and old age).

    It is stated in the article that the persons below were from Roscommon,
    Here is the list deposited in the files of the ELIZA LIDDELL by Mr,
    Maxwell, personal agent for Lord Palmerston.
    HANNON: John (40), Catherine (40), Michael (12), John (10), Mary (8), Peter
    (6),James (4), Pat (2).
    GILMARTIN: Sally (45), Patrick (21), Martin (18), Bridgit (17), Mary (15),
    William (24).
    GILMARTIN: Pat Nicholson (50), Winefred (50), Luke (23), Biddy (24).
    MURTY: Andrew (50), John (30), Mary (45), Biddy (15), John (13), =C9lizabeth
    (12), Peter (9), James (8), Mary (6), Ann (infant).
    CORNY: Mary (44), James (24), Peter (22), Bridget (13), John (12), Mary=
    QUIN: James (45), Mary (40), Hugh (16), John (10), Thomas (8), Michael (6),
    Ann (infant).
    QUIN: Pat Feeney (50), Nancy (50), Mary (18).
    GILLON: Thomas (45), Mary (45), Thomas (18), Nancy (16), Kitty (13), Mary
    (11), Bridget (8), John (6), Michael (6), Margaret (3).
    GILLON: James (54), Catherine (54), Thomas (24), Mochael (22), Mary (20),
    Bridgit (18), Edward (13), Patrick (11).
    LEYDEN: John (60), Margaret (60), John (26), Mary (24), Peggy (22),
    Catherine (20), Patrick (18), Winefred (16), James (13), Ann (11).
    BOYLE: John (40), Nancy (40), Mattin (9), Denis (7), Dominick (5).
    FEENEY: Catherine (50), Mary (12).
    Also in this chapter of the book there is mention that the passengers were
    given enough money to go from Shippagan to Quebec, and it is the main
    reason that there was never another voyage plan and accepted to land
    immigrants in Shippagan. The second reason, is the sickness or fever that
    hit the passengers and the objection( sept. 3 1947) from the city council
    of Saint-John, NB that the english landlords were immigrating the poor
    peasants from Irish land and was coming a costly burden on the provincial
    government. The council ask that the London government intervened to end
    these immigrations.

    It is assured by Mr. Maxwell that every passenger received weekly the
    following food and necessities: (Water was rationned.)
    1 lb. of beef or pork, 1 lb. of sugar, 2 oz. of tea, 4 oz. of coffee, =BD lb=
    of molasses, 1 lb. of rice, 6 lb. of biscuit, 3=BD lb. of flour, also some
    vinegar, soap, candles, and some herring at the discretion of the captain.
    On the the hundred or so passengers, thirteen died during or soon after
    the voyage. Twenty-eight others were struck with the sickness in Shippagan
    and Pokemouche.=20
    Dr. Gordon found in Shippagan on the 3 september 1847 the following persons:

    LAYDEN, John, Catherine, John Jr., Mary , Margaret, Ann.
    GILLAN, John.
    NICHOLSON, Pat, (deaf-mute).
    QUIN, James. (dropsical).
    MURTY, Andrew, his wife and there 6 children.
    FALLEN, Bryan.
    CONRY, Mary and John.
    REGAN, Bryan.
    FEENEY, Catherine.
    GORMAN, Pat.

    In the barn of John HERBERT at Pokemouche, he found Terence KELLY, ? KELLY,
    a widow and her children, Mathew, Ann and Lucy.

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  2. Dear Sir:

    When searching for my John Boyle in New Brunswick, Canada, your site came up with an inquiry from Joyce Hitchlock on 5/11/11. She was inquiring about Robert Clarke, Master of the Eliza Liddel.

    My relative is a descendant of the Boyles who came over on the Eliza Liddel and I could put her in touch with some people who might help her with her research if she wishes to contact me.

    Thank you,
    Joan Sprangel

    Comment by Joan Sprangel | 24/07/2011 | Reply

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