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Liverpool Select Vestry and Thomas Davy Laurence

I am researching the member and chairmanship role of Thomas Davy Laurence for the Liverpool Select Vestry from 1877 onwards. Also his role as Liverpool J.P from 1895 to 1922. I would welcome any help in locating the relevant documents or pointers to research already undertaken.

Thankyou for your time and patience.

Paul Brookes

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  1. Hello Paul,

    The Liverpool Select Vestry was part of the Victorian Poor Law system. It administered the Liverpool Workhouse on Brownlow Hill where the Roman Catholic Cathedral stands today. In 1889 the West Derby Union – which was the body responsible for Poor Law administration on the outskirts of Liverpool, including Wavertree had opened Cottage Homes at Fazakerley, the first of their kind in Britain. These Homes aimed to give orphans and other destitute children the sense of belonging to a ‘family’ group, rather than a vast and impersonal institution. The experiment was obviously a success, for the Liverpool Select Vestry decided to copy the West Derby example and in 1901 established its own Cottage Homes at Olive Mount. Eventually, in 1925, the two Poor Law bodies were amalgamated.

    I cannot find any other information relating to Mr Laurenve and will keep researching.


    Rob Ainsworth

    Liverpool History Society

    Comment by Rob Ainsworth | 23/06/2011 | Reply

  2. Hello Rob,

    Thankyou. I am not sure whether it will assist you but Thomas Davy was a trustee of Warbrick charity and honorary registrar of the Society of Friends. When were the Cottage Homes established as he may have lived in West Derby. That’s about as much as I know of his professional life.

    Kind Regards,


    Comment by Paul Brookes | 23/06/2011 | Reply

    • Paul,
      you may need to review the Liverpool Workhouse archives at the Liverpool Record Office in William Brown Street, as they will have all records relating to officers, employees and inmates.

      Rob Ainsworth
      Liverpool History Society

      Comment by Liverpool History Society Questions | 25/06/2011 | Reply

  3. Paul,

    see link blow as it may relate to the same person


    Liverpool History Society

    Comment by Rob Ainsworth | 23/06/2011 | Reply

  4. Thank you Rob, it does as he was its proprietor.

    The enquirer is me when I had a different email address.

    However, his day job seems to have been with the vestry.

    Comment by Paul Brookes | 24/06/2011 | Reply

  5. Hi Rob,

    Thankyou. I am following my research up with the Liverpool Local Archives as you sugggested. Thankyou again for all your help.


    Comment by Paul Brookes | 30/06/2011 | Reply

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