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Confederate Embassy Livepool`s ACW Links

Many years ago I remember a old guy pointing out to me a Lone Star carved above the doorway of a Georgian period house somewhere in central or south Liverpool.

He was a local history buff and he told me of a link that property had to the history of Texas.

He claimed that when Texas first gained independence from Mexico and proclaimed itself a Republic , 1836 I think, it established a consulate in Liverpool to serve the trading links between Liverpool and Texas, and that this house was it’s home for approx 10 years before Texas became part of the United States.

I have searched often amongst the many streets of the central/south Liverpool area with georgian properties but never relocated this house. Does anyone have any clue as to where it may be if it’s still standing, that is if anyone else has ever heard the same tale.



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  1. Hello Dave,

    The building you are probably referring is 10 Rumford Place of Castle Street that was the ” Confederate Embassy” now a “listed” building. Number 6 Rumford Place was the office of the Confederate Navy agent in Liverpool, Commander James Dunwoody Bulloch.

    Another property with ACW links is 19 Abercromby Square, built for Charles K Prioleau in1863. Permission was given for the building to be 2 feet taller than the existing buildings either side of it. The house has many features which show the original owner was from South Carolina.

    The ceiling foyer in Charles Kuhn Prioleau’s house in Abercromby Square displays a palmetto tree & crescent moon both symbols of his native South Carolina, the serpent wrapped at the base of the tree signified war and defiance). Prioleau was senior partner of Fraser, Trenholm & Co. and the leading Confederate financier in Britain during the war, providing the funding necessary to build ships such as the Alabama, Florida, & Shenandoah, and numerous blockade runners.


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    Comment by Liverpool History Society Questions | 26/06/2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the quick reply Rob but, it was neither of the buildings or persons you suggest of that much I am certain.As you mention both of these buildings were used by the Confederate States of America and their representatives. The building and representation I am in search of, is soley for the short lived Republic of Texas.
      Thank You

      Comment by Dave | 26/06/2011 | Reply

  2. Dave,

    the Texas Consul in Liverpool in 1841 was Francis B. Ogden so there should be a propety. Do you think it is the Sony Building in Paradise Street?


    Comment by Liverpool History Society Questions | 26/06/2011 | Reply

  3. Thanks Rob,
    Sony Building? Not sure I know quite where the building is but, thanks for confirming there did exist a Texas consul during the period I am enquiring about. I ‘ll have to take a closer look at the property to see if it resembles the building I remember.

    Comment by Dave | 27/06/2011 | Reply

  4. Rob,
    As this building was used as the offices of the US Consul from 1790 until somewhere mid 1800’s, I doubt if it would also be used as the consulate for the Republic of Texas, though maybe that was so, as Francis B. Ogden was at different periods United States Consul in Liverpool 1820’s and then Texas consul 1843. The property may have served dual roles. However , the building itself bears no resemblance to the one pointed out to me so many years ago and I am now wondering if the property I was informed was the consulate was possibly the residence instead of Consul office. Do you by any chance know of Francis B. Ogdens residential address for his period of Consul? it maybe that I would recognise the building and clear up a possible misunderstanding.

    Comment by Dave | 27/06/2011 | Reply

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