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Family History Research for Braithwaite Poole

Kensington Lodge, Fairlield


I am researching my ancestor Braithwaite Poole who was listed as a Railway Manager on the 1851 census and lived in Prescott Rd, West Derby. I was wanting to find out more about him (I live in Australia). I have found on the internet some books authored by a Braithwaite Poole written about Liverpool and it’s commerce. I wanted to confirm if this is the same person or not. Do you have any suggestions as to who I can contact about him?

Amanda Joyce

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  1. Hello

    Braithwliite Poole was the general goods manager to L. & N. W. Railway Co. and lived at Kensington Lodge, Fairlield. Liverpool with offices at Wapping and Great Howard st. and 11 High st. Exchange Liverpool

    He was also the author of COMMERCE OF LIVERPOOL. 1854 and also the Wallasey Ferry Manager.

    See :

    “The Ferry Manager, Braithwaite Poole, soon set about making savings on the northern services. The New Brighton services, from 1st November 1861, were reduced to hourly with last departures from Liverpool at 6.00 pm and New Brighton at 6.30 pm; however, direct boats, not calling at Egremont, were introduced at peak hours. All three passage services were soon being worked by a maximum of four boats to reduce costs and coal contracts were renegotiated and tenders invited for several coal barges to be towed behind steamers to eliminate costly refueling stops during revenue earning hours. In the event of bad weather causing suspension of the Egremont and New Brighton sailings, flags were hoisted at the ferry terminals, and top of Tobin Street and at the junction of Victoria Road and Rowson Street. In fog no boat could leave Seacombe until the other vessel had been sighted and her paddles stopped.”

    Rob Ainsworth

    Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society

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  2. On 30th September 1863, Poole left the ferry service and went on to become Secretary and chief adviser of the newly-formed Hoylake Railway Company. His last act was to write to W. & M. Scott of the Tranmere Foundry from whom balanced gangways had been ordered their Liverpool landing stage. A special boat sent to fetch them on 1st December was sent back empty and the gangways were still in a half finished condition on 9th.

    On the 1st October, William Carson succeeded Poole as new ferry manager with a salary of £300 per year. Carson was a 27 year old engineer and designer who had been employed by the Cork Steamship Co. During the next 15 years he spent with the Ferries Department he was to transform the undertaking. An Assistant Manager, William Drummond, was appointed on 1st January 1864 at £90 per annum.

    Rob Ainsworth

    Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society

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  3. Amanda,may be worth ascertaining if PUBLISHER of said source books is still extant and has company records from that time;it’s a long shot I surmise.The very name
    Braithwaite Poole sounds pretty specific and even in 1851,census records should be pretty reliable,though nothing done by humans can be entirely perfect.Nothing else
    occurs to me just now.Anyway,good luck with your investigations.Fred O’Brien.Liverpool

    Comment by Fred O'Brien | 23/07/2011 | Reply

  4. Rob,

    An update on the Liver Sketching Club and the Williamson Street premises:

    After going through many more old documents, I have found a reference to the club being at 22 Williamson Street around 1879. So you were correct in thinking it was probably numbers 18 to 26.

    Thanks again.


    David Brown

    Comment by David Brown | 23/07/2011 | Reply

  5. Thanks so much for the information on my family history. I must visit and spend more time in Liverpool next time I’m in the UK. My father was from there and in the Royal Navy during the war. My grandfather was in the merchant navy and a prisoner of war in Turkey during WW1. Lots of links to Liverpool! But a long way from Australia! Thanks again for the help. Regards, Amanda.

    Comment by Amanda Joyce | 24/07/2011 | Reply

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