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Goodlass Wall Paint Co. (Liverpool)


Thank you for this opportunity to post,

I’m a Melbourne historian seeking contact with anyone with knowledge of the Goodlass Wall Paint Co.  (Liverpool). The company set up in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood around 1915 and continued at the site until the mid 1950s.  Around the 1930s or 40s  they expanded their enterprise with a new brick factory at the site.  I am hoping to gain information concerning this expansion but particularly information concerning the architects used by the company for their overseas constructions.  I believe the building concerned was designed by their (Liverpool based? ) English architects.  Would anyone have details concerning architects used by the firm or would anyone have copies of financial reports from the 1930s onwards?.  I’m sure that photographs of the firm’s overseas holdings must exist somewhere but I have had no luck in locating any information whatsoever.

The company was amalgamated some years ago but I have not received any  replies from previous inquiries; perhaps someone at the History Forum could advise more fruitful lines of inquiry.  All information or suggestions gratefully accepted.


John Matthews

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  1. Paint manufacturers, including Valspar brand

    Based in Liverpool and 179/185 Great Portland Street, London, W1.

    c.1845 Company formed[1].

    1888 Dissolution of partnership of Goodlass, Wall and Co as far as it affected J. Gunning

    1899 Formation of private company

    1919 Public flotation of the company

    1920 Business had increased 100% from previous year[2].

    1928 Large shareholding in the company acquired by Leeds Fireclay Co, whose chairman was entrusted with the negotiations about linking their interests with one of the largest company’s in the world in their line of business[3].

    1930 Amalgamation of Associated Lead Manufacturers Ltd with Goodlass, Wall and Co Ltd, which company was involved in paint and related businesses both in the UK and abroad[4] to form Goodlass, Wall and Lead Industries Ltd.

    1932 First annual meeting of Goodlass, Wall and Lead Industries Ltd; Clive Cookson in the chair[5].

    1950 Advert on this page. [6]

    1954 Goodlass, Wall and Lead Industries Ltd transferred the Liverpool paint business to Goodlass, Wall and Co which was now its main subsidiary dealing in paint; “remarkable” development in the demand for Valspar[7].

    Comment by Liverpool History Society Questions | 11/02/2012 | Reply

    • Thank you so much for the chronological run down. Quite useful information… I have been a little mystified by the ‘Valspar’ range of paints as this was/is a very well known American sub- brand as well. I am not sure whether Goodlass Wall had the rights to this sin the UK or whether it is just a coincidenece but I wouldn’t imagine the Va;lsoar name could be used without some authority. Who’s was first that’s a question. ValsPar was also marketed in Australia. The advertisement will be of great use in my history report, I most grateful, John

      Comment by John Matthews | 13/02/2012 | Reply

  2. Hello John,

    Here are some web sites where there is info that may be of interest to you.,_Wall_and_Co,_Wall_and_Lead_Industries


    Eddie Schleising.

    Comment by Edward | 11/02/2012 | Reply

    • Edward thank you so much for your detailed feedback. I have located a lot of these sites and am presently wading through the others. I can find information concerning the chemical aspects of the company but nothing concerning their overseas (Australian) endeavours. Best wishes and gratitude, John.

      Comment by John Matthews | 13/02/2012 | Reply

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