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A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society

Meridian Engineering in Crosby

My mum has told me recently that one or two of her uncles worked at Meridian Engineering in Crosby in approximately 1965. According to her they were quite high up in the company. Both uncles had the surname of Jones. Does anybody know anything about this company at that time or where I can find any records of this?

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Jones’ Cafe Great George Street


I am trying to find any information I can about Jones’ Cafe which ran in Great George Street from the late 1800s ( I Think) until it was fire bombed in wwII. There is a fleeting reference to it in Pat Omara’s Autobiography of a Liverpool Irish Slummy but that is all I have found. any advice on where and how to look would also be greatfully received.
Davis Sanders

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Chapel/Church situated in Moss St

Brunswick Chapel Moss St

There was a chapel/church, situated in Moss St quite near the junction with London Road/Prescot Street. It backed onto Epworth Street, where I lived as a child 1948-1957.

We knew it as the old Methodist building, and as kids did shortly after the war we used the place as a playground.

I remember finding Hymn books which were definitely not of the catholic type. I also remember the building and yard being used for the storage of new(50′s) fireplaces.  Frankie Vaughan lived over the road in Devon Street.


Brian Caulfield.

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Swedish kings illigitimate son dies in Liverpool Mill Road hospital ? (Hjalmar Högqvist 1839-1874)

Mill Road Hospital

I would like if you can give some tips about how to find iformation about the old Mill Road Hospital in the 1870ties
The reason is this I am researching the relatives of the Swedish actress Emilie Högqvist 1812-1846
Hjalmar Fransson Högqvist 1840-1874 feb 15 in Mill Road Hospital
Hjalmar was born 1839 in Hamburg as the son of the famous Swedish actress Emilie Högqvist 1812-1846 and the Swedish crown prince Oscar (later king Oscar I) 1799-1859 )
Hjalmar spend his early childhood in Stockholm was after his mothers death in 1846 raised in Hamburg with his brother Max Högqvist 1840-1872 and his half sister Tecla Högvist 1833- (daughter of temile Högqvist and the british diplomat John Arthur douglas Bloomfield.(2nd baron Bloomfield)
In the late 1850thies he came back to Sweden and in the beginning of the 1860thies he settled In a Manour house in the province of Västergötland
In 1863 he married Emile Amalia Hafström 1838- ca 1910 from a wealthy Gothenburg family
They had 2 daughters, Hjalmar apparently squandered his fortune and around 1867 the family had to leave the manor and moved to Gothenburg. For a few yesrs Hjalmar worked in the postal services as postal inspector but later he ecame employed by the Wilson line-
A note in the Death records in the churchrecords for the familys home parish in Gothenburg says that Hjalmar Högqvist died 1874 feb 15 at “Mill road Hospital” according to a letter of 1874 march 31 from doctor called Alex Dunbar . There may have been severel Millroad Hospitals in England by that time but since Hjalmar was employed by a shipping line the hospital in Liverpool may be the most likely. If Hjalmar indeed died in a workhouse hospital he seems to have fallen on bad times indeed.
Are there any records ,pictures or information from the hospital about that time wich can give any information about him and the circumstances aurrounding his death ?
Kind regards from
Anna-Karin Schander
PS Here is a little film I made about Emile Högqvist on You tube

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Cockeral Street, Kirkdale


can anyone help trying to find old map of Cockeral Street, Kirkdale I was born in number 63 can anyone advise please

Thanks jack

PS it ran from Stanley Park at the top to Walton Road

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Kirkdale Home, Liverpool South Hospital and St. Anne’s District Hospital

I am looking for information on Kirkdale Home (home for the aged in early 20th century), Liverpool South hospital and St. Anne’s district hospital (both hospitals in the mid to late 1850’s) and would most appreciative for any information anyone may have.
I am particularly interested in knowing how each of these institutions served the Liverpool community and where they were located, and if they still exist?
Where can I find out more information on them and is there a repository that may hold the records of these three instiutions?
Thanks so much.

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Postal and Telegraph Censorship Department

Dear Liverpool History Society,

I have found a certificate of my grandmother from 1945 for the Postal and Telegraph Censorship Department thanking her for her efforts with them. Do you have any info on this? Or can you reccomend any publications or books that would include the subject. I would love to find out exactly what she did. I believe it was based in Aintree.

Thank you for your time



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