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Fazakerley Cottage Homes if The Liverpool Review still exists?

I was a resident in Fazakerley Cottage Homes, Liverpool, and we have now have an Association for ex-residents and their offspring. I am the editor of the Association Newsletter and I have been sent two articles which were photocopied from “The Liverpool Review”. The articles are dated May 10, 1890 and May 17, 1890. Can you please inform me if “The Liverpool Review” still exists? If it does I would want to ask for permission to print the articles.

I am planning to print these articles in two forms. One is a a stand-alone publication as an A5 booklet, for sale to members of the Association, who will be attending our reunion on Saturday, June 20th 2009, in order to help raise funds to keep our Association going. The other plan is to serialise it in our Newsletter, which is sent out free to members about four times a year. I am wondering if I would be infringing any copyright if I were to produce these publications with
the said articles. I wonder if someone in your Society could comment on anything I have put in this message.

May I take this opportunity to thank you in advance.


Edward Schleising.

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