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C. Tinling Co of Liverpool

Good Evening

I collect childrens books, specifically those by W.E. Johns (Biggles etc). These were published mainly by Hodder and Stoughton and Brockhampton Press but printed by C. Tinling and Co of Liverpool until 1958 when they must have moved to Prescott where they continued to print W.E. Johns books until the 70’s. As a collector I come across unusual printings of volumes for which little or no information exists, in such cases I attempt to fill in the gaps and pass the information on to other collectors. Ideally I would like to know if Tinling kept records of their work and whether such records still exist and are accessible. I live in Fife but any pointers in the right (or any) direction would be much appreciated.


Dave Goodsir

03/07/2009 Posted by | C. Tinling Co of Liverpool | 11 Comments