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A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society

Lovell and Christmas

I wonder if you have any information or photographs about Lovell and Christmas, a noted Liverpool Provision Merchants c 1891onwards? I believe they were in Dale St. but I have been unable to research theuir history any further or find a map showing Dale St.
My father was an apprentice or shop assistant there 1891 -1900 approx.
Thank you .
Mary Holborow (lincoln)

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104 Falkner street


I hope you can help.
My ancestors lived in Toxteth Park around the early 1900s.
In the 1911 census, Annie Abrahams was a patient in the Toxteth Park Samaritan Hospital For Women (36 Up parliament Street). Would you be able to tell me what manner of hospital this was?
In 1924, her mother Hannah Abrahams died at 104 Falkner street. What was this street like in the 1920s? Was it a respectable area or rather less so?
I hope that you will be able to help.
Dan Abrahams

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Hi Rob

I have been ‘Googling’ information for 144a Brownlow Hill in Liverpool which is where my Nan was born in 1925. I was just wondering if you could tell me if the Workhouse had become a Maternity Hospital by this time? Also, someone on the ‘webchat page’ I was reading has mentioned that you/your group has an aerial photo of the Workhouse? Are there any other photos in existence and would it be possible to forward me a copy of this photo by e-mail so that I could show my Nan where she was born. My Nan and Grandad have been to Liverpool many times to retrace my Nan’s early years. My nan has walked Brownlow Hill and was sad to find 144a was not there.

If you could help me you would make my Nan so happy.

I look forward to hearing from you, hopefully.

Many Thanks for your time.

Jo Small (Mrs)

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WWII veteran from Liverpool, Victor Torrig

Good evening. I am a Northern Italian researcher, looking for information and contact with the family of a WWII veteran from Liverpool, Victor Torrig.

Unfortunately I only know his name and surname, while his rank was, as far as I know, Private.
I know he was taken prisoner at Tobruk, then he escaped from Italian POW camps together with sergeant William David Lewis from London.
I would really like to contact his family, if possible – May I kindly ask your help, please?
Best regards,
dr. Marco Soggetto

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Robert Clarke master of the Eliza Liddel

Hi and greetings from New Zealand.
I am trying to get information re Robert Clarke who was master of the Eliza Liddell [ J Cunard and Co ] which sailed from Liverpool to Sligo Ireland to Port Caraquet Canada. My interest is in the ships history also her master as he was an ancestor of mine.
If only I was back home in Liverpool to do this research for myself and not have to bother other people.
If you cannot help me, maybe you could point me to what direction to take.
Thank you for taking time to read this email and I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Joyce Hitchlock

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Compton Arms Liverpool 6


I have a picture of a pub which I think is called the Compton Arms
in Liverpool – the photo shows the pub being on the corner of Compton Street
and I am not sure of the other street.

I don’t think its the Compton Hotel but I would be interested in any
information you can give me on it – my husbands grandfather was the
publican of this establishment for quite a few years and he is standing outside

Ann Lymer

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Liverpool Art Club in 1879

I have recently acquired a Wedgwood medallion commemorating a Loan Exhibition of Wedgwood held by the Liverpool Art Club in 1879. I am having great difficulty finding any details of this club other than passing references in various publications. This exhibition is mentiond in the catalogue of the “Exhibition of Old Wedgwood belonging to Arthur Sanderson” held in Edinburgh in 1901 as being one of only two exhibitions of Old Wedgwood held in the last quarter of the 19th century, the other being the Burslem Centenary Exhibition of 1895.
Can you or any of your members help me with details of this club, such as when it was in existence, membership, etc., or direct me to possible sources of information. This exhibition has added significance in that it was largely made up of pieces from the Joseph Mayer collection, a great deal of which was subsequently destroyed in 1941.
I have attached pictures of the medallion and its’ original case bearing the stamp of Wm Woodhouse of Dublin.Yours sincerely,

Anthony Pulford

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The Road in Liverpool with the Longest Stretch of Pavement

Dear Rob,

I hope you will be able to settle an argument I had with my wife regarding the road in Liverpool with the longest stretch of pavement that does not have any roads or streets cutting through it. I cannot remember the name of the road but it was in the North of the city. Can you help with this.
Len Watson

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