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A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society

Cooks Glass and Bottle Works


I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they remember a glass and bottle works called cooks. My Grandmother used to tell me her family owned it but it was bombed in the war, i’m not sure if it was the first or second war

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Goodlass Wall Paint Co. (Liverpool)


Thank you for this opportunity to post,

I’m a Melbourne historian seeking contact with anyone with knowledge of the Goodlass Wall Paint Co.  (Liverpool). The company set up in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood around 1915 and continued at the site until the mid 1950s.  Around the 1930s or 40s  they expanded their enterprise with a new brick factory at the site.  I am hoping to gain information concerning this expansion but particularly information concerning the architects used by the company for their overseas constructions.  I believe the building concerned was designed by their (Liverpool based? ) English architects.  Would anyone have details concerning architects used by the firm or would anyone have copies of financial reports from the 1930s onwards?.  I’m sure that photographs of the firm’s overseas holdings must exist somewhere but I have had no luck in locating any information whatsoever.

The company was amalgamated some years ago but I have not received any  replies from previous inquiries; perhaps someone at the History Forum could advise more fruitful lines of inquiry.  All information or suggestions gratefully accepted.


John Matthews

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Pub at 77/79 Upper Parliament St

Hi to all

I am searching for the name of a pub that my grandfather managed at 77/79 Upper Parliament St about 1930.I cannot remember the name of it

His name was James Mckenna,the family later ran the hare&hounds pub on commutation row now demolished

It was just across the road from the George’s hall.hope somebody can help,


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Netherfield Road Hospital

Can you tell me what kind of hospital was this. When did it close down. Is there any way of getting records from there or where are they kept.
Kind regards Tony Kelly

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St Georges Boys Industrial School West Derby Road

Hope you can help me, i have just picked up a small carved wood table and underneath is a plaque reading ‘ St Georges boys industrial school west derby road liverpool’.
Do you know if the school is still there?
Thanking you in advance
Steve Latter

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