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>Sayers Bakers


I wonder if you could help me with some research into our family history?

In my father’s line, Worthington, I find a great Grandmother, an Elizabeth Rigby Sayer. This lady, I am told, is part of the Sayers Bakers family, and indeed two or three of the male members of Dad’s family were employed as “Bakers Shop assistant”, “Flourman”, “Baker”.

I see that the Sayers business was incorporated into a much biger Group of Companies, Lyndale Foods, who are still based in the area.

If it is possible, can anyone please give me a lead as to where I might get more information, or does anyone in your Society have any interests in this connection.
In the 1920’s, my Grandfather Worthington was a coal merchant in the Princess Park area, and I believe his horses were entered into a local show, and won prizes as shire horses. I would like to know of any records of either his business and the name of the Show and his prizes.
Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and your response will be helpful.
Sincerely Heather Ward
(North Yorkshire)

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