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‘The Lawn’, a house that was situated in the woods at the bottom of Mersey Road


I’m Terry Jones Chair of River Oaks Residents Association in Aigburth.  We are just beginning research on the origins of ‘The Lawn’, a house that was situated in the woods at the bottom of Mersey Road.  The house foundations have recently been discovered and we are interested in discovering who the owners were, when it was vacated and passed to the Corporation, and of course the family history. Riversdale College was built on the site and around seven years ago Wimpey’s demolished the college to build River Oaks estate.

Many thanks for any information/photos etc.

Terry Jones

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  1. Dear Terry,

    Please see details below.

    This document is about R.P. Houston’s wife but he gets a brief mention. –

    The Lawn was home to Robert Patterson Houston (R.P. Houston) who founded the Houston Line and was MP for West Toxteth 1892-1924. –,_1st_Baronet and also

    Liverpool: Mersey Road [no ref. or date] These documents are held at Liverpool Record Office and Local History Service
    No further details Mersey Road, Aigburth: correspondence, papers and plans concerning proposed purchase of The Lawn by Liverpool Corporation under Liverpool Education Riverside Road Compulsory Purchase Order 1947. 720KIR/2578 1947-62


    Rob Ainsworth.
    Liverpool History Society

    Information via Dave Bridson

    Comment by Rob | 27/04/2012 | Reply

  2. Hi Terry I lived in Desford road from 1947 to 1969 and played in the gardens of the Lawns. I will write to you at the River Oaks Residents Association, with all the info I have about the gardens.

    Comment by Anon | 24/06/2012 | Reply

  3. jimlenJuly 07, 2012 4:06 PM

    I was the under gardener at The Lawns estate,I would have been about 17 at the time,the head gardener was a George Barlow-he lived in the tiny cottage just at the Lawns entrance,the two story house a little way down was the home of Jack Evans,Jack was the chauffeur,his house backed on to the walled garden,the owner Mary Elliot Parker was a widow and was related to the Tinne family through marriage[I think they actually built St Annes Church,if you want to know more just ask.Jim Clark

    Comment by Liverpool History Society Questions | 08/07/2012 | Reply

  4. Hi Terry
    I meant to say in my previous post that I worked at the Lawns about 1957,The lawns estate was not in the woods at the bottom of Mersey Road,it was the house you see in the above map hust over where the number 225 appears,this very large house was the same period or type of build as the gardeners cottage at the then entrance to Lawns and in front of the number 210 on Mersey Road.The chauffeurs house just further down Mersey Road was the same period and build as the outhouses up the path that now has rusted and overgrown weeds just next to the black door passed the that house,one of these outhouses was in fact my bothy[gardeners tool and where they would have lived[years ago,opposite this bothy was the garage and a door to the vegatable/fruit walled garden,hope this helps,if you want to know more send me a contact email or address and I will gladly help in way I can.Regards.Jim Clark

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