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>Street names that still exist today


I am researching Genealogy for my dissertation at University. My family originate form Cumberland but my ancestral trail has brought me to Liverpool. Part of my lineage moved to Liverpool around the 1830’s/1840’s and my father grew up in the Aintree area. My ancestors lived in the Kirkdale/Everton area and I have several addresses taken from Census records.   My plan is to travel over to Liverpool on the 25th of February and visit these areas where my ancestors lived. Street names that still exist today are Netherfield Road North, Burlington Street, St Martins Cottages, Melbourne Street. I also have a list of many of the churches that various family memebers were married. I see from comparing old maps of Liverpool with current maps that these areas have changed over time. Are there certain old buildings that still exist today? Where can I look that will give me the best picture of what life was like in Victorian Kirldale/Walton?

I would like to know how you can help me discover more about the history of the areas that they lived. My ancestors were mariners, riggers, carters, the sort of thing you would expect in the areas around the docks. Would it be possible to meet with somebody from the society for an hour to discuss my project with, and possibly interview? I am a journalism student so therefore my project requires me to look indepth at genealogy and its relevance in the 21st century, how its changing due to technology etc.. How closely is family history and genealogy associated?

I very much hope that soembody can assist me with this and I hope to hear back from someone soon.

Kidn regards

Kevin Benson

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