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>Alan Hanckel

>Dear Rob of  Liverpool History Society,

I am researching a fellow American, Alan Hanckel who died in Liverpool at the turn of the 1900`s.  I am particularly interested in the location of his grave.  I would be grateful for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Best wishes


Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Grave of  Alan Hanckel in need of repair

An employee of Fraser Trenholm originally from South Carolina. Hanckel acted as a representative of James Bulloch on occasions when Bulloch was unavailable. He was onboard the Trent during the boarding and witnessed the events that took place. Hanckel carried papers for the South to England, including the papers the diplomats were carrying on the Trent.

. Hanckel was used as a nominal owner of ships including the Bermuda, which carried a huge amount of war supplies to the South.

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