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A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society

Jones St and Edward St

Hi Rob
I’m looking for two streets in the same area that seem to have been destroyed too. Jones St and Edward St. Edward comes up on a google search so presume thats the one but where is Jones? Can you help.



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WJ Myers and Co

I would be interested in any information on the above company, which seems to have been the initiator of the guano trade in the UK and continued as a ship owner and world trader.

William Joseph Myers lived in Aigburgh in 1832 and his son Charles at Camp Hill in 1862 – he later moved to Swanmore in Southampton and died in 1879.  He was a Director of the White Star Line and Imrie Ismay & Co managed some of WJ Myers ships, many of which were bought from Harland & Wolf, a company with close links to Imrie Ismay/White Star.

I can offer material about WJ Myers ships and captains if anyone is interested.

Best regards
Hugh Jenkins

Harbreck House Fazkeley and the Myers Family

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Pellew St


I’m trying to find out what happened to Pellew St. And where it was.

My Grandfather lived there 1911 census.

I cant find it on any maps-was it destroyed in ww2?

Perry Cornish

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Mathew Street origins and Major Henry Rathbone

Major Henry Rathbone

Hi Rob

1. Who is Mathew Street named after? She asked if it was a Leiutenant John Mathews. But if it was surely it would have been called Mathews Street?

2. Major Henry Rathbone was present when Lincoln was assassinated. She wanted to know if he was a member of the Liverpool Rathbone family. There’s a piece about him on Wiki but no real clues as to his ancestry. It would be neat if there was another Liverpool link to Lincoln’s assassination!


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Edward Kemp Liverpool Private Gardens

I am attempting to locate some of the private gardens which were worked on in the 1850s by the landscape gardener, Edward Kemp.

The four properties that are giving me trouble [with the Records no longer so accessible] are the following

1]  The home of Alfred Higgins, Woolton
2] the home of Willian Oxley, Mossley Hill 3] the home of Edward Astley [possibly The Cottage] Roby and 4] the home of Alan Kaye in Birkdale.

If anyone has details of these properties, where they were, maps, photographs etc. I shall be very grateful.
Elizabeth Davey

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A call for The Three Graces office workers of the past

A call for The Three Graces office workers of the past.
Have you worked in the one of the offices of the Port of Liverpool Building, the Liver Building or the Cunard Building? Did you parents or Grandparents work in any of these offices? Do they remember the buildings construction and openings?
If so, the development team at BBC Bristol would like to hear from you.
We are currently developing a programme about how buildings work, from the point of view of the people who worked in them. We are looking for accounts from the time, diaries of the clerks who were working in what was effectively the first office environment, letters from the construction workers who were building some of the grandest buildings in the country.
We are looking for anything that will help us to build up a picture of what was like for the people who had to use these buildings everyday. From the managers to the cleaners and everyone in between, we want to hear what people really thought of these historic pieces of architecture when they were fist opened.
Any written account, long or short, will be incredibly valuable to us. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Contact: Heidi Perry

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Dacy Road Liverpool 5

Could you please advise me of the origin of the road name above?
I am 82 and not too computer literate so if I have to go to the blog to find out please will you instruct me on how to do it.
Many thanks.
Eileen Freeman

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Kirkdale Home, Liverpool South Hospital and St. Anne’s District Hospital

I am looking for information on Kirkdale Home (home for the aged in early 20th century), Liverpool South hospital and St. Anne’s district hospital (both hospitals in the mid to late 1850’s) and would most appreciative for any information anyone may have. 

I am particularly interested in knowing how each of these institutions served the Liverpool community and where they were located, and if they still exist? 

Where can I find out more information on them and is there a repository that may hold the records of these three instiutions?

Thanks so much.

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Barry Street Kirkdale and Priory Hill, Everton

Could you please tell me where the following places where/are located :-
Barry Street Kirkdale & Priory Hill ( not road ) Everton.
They appear in records around the time of the 1881 census, but I cannot find any current references.
Thanks in anticipation,
Peter Brown

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Brickworks Walton, Vauxhall or Anfield area

Brickworks Walton, Vauxhall or Anfield area


I was wondering if anybody could tell me if there was ever a brickworks in Liverpool, maybe around the Walton, Vauxhall or Anfield area.

It may sound strange but whilst walking with my 4 year old neice in Stanley Park one day she stated she “used to live around here but there was a brick makers then and horses”.

It would be really interesting to find out if there was indeed a brickmakers within the vicinity. Any information would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

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