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A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society

St Catherine’s church in Abercrombie Square

Garden in Abercrombie Square

Dear Liverpool historic society,

I am trying to find photographs of St Catherine’s church in Abercrombie Square. Where my mother and father were married in 1925. The only photograph i have of their wedding is looking from the church steps towards the couple and best man with the square in the background. I presume that taking pictures was quite expensive in those days and probably my parents didn’t have much money anyway to have lots of them taken.

I would be grateful if you could find external and internal photo’s of the actual church.

Many thanks Neil Prendergast

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Confederate Embassy Livepool`s ACW Links

Many years ago I remember a old guy pointing out to me a Lone Star carved above the doorway of a Georgian period house somewhere in central or south Liverpool.

He was a local history buff and he told me of a link that property had to the history of Texas.

He claimed that when Texas first gained independence from Mexico and proclaimed itself a Republic , 1836 I think, it established a consulate in Liverpool to serve the trading links between Liverpool and Texas, and that this house was it’s home for approx 10 years before Texas became part of the United States.

I have searched often amongst the many streets of the central/south Liverpool area with georgian properties but never relocated this house. Does anyone have any clue as to where it may be if it’s still standing, that is if anyone else has ever heard the same tale.


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Liverpool Select Vestry and Thomas Davy Laurence

I am researching the member and chairmanship role of Thomas Davy Laurence for the Liverpool Select Vestry from 1877 onwards. Also his role as Liverpool J.P from 1895 to 1922. I would welcome any help in locating the relevant documents or pointers to research already undertaken.

Thankyou for your time and patience.

Paul Brookes

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Springfield Park

Hello there
i am looking at springfield park for research, i would like to know more about the time when the ww2 americans were here, can you send me any pictures or info about this and were the camp exactly stood on the park?


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Blake and Mackenzie


I’m trying to find information about Blake and Mackenzie, who were lithographic printers in Liverpool, possibly specialising in horticultural printing such as seed catalogues and seed pockets. They may also have sold or manufactured horticultural sundries.

Many thanks


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Court Dwellings

I am researching my Park and Pickup family in Liverpool and in the 1851 Census two of my female relatives – both widows – are described as Pauper (Painter & Glazer Wife) and Pauper (Car Drivers Wife) and are listed as living at:
9 Court 4 House
St Andrews Street
The Registration district is Liverpool and the Sub-registration district is Mount Pleasant.
I am wondering if this address is a Workhouse but would be grateful for any information on this. The other address on the page is 9 Court 2 House,. Addresses on the next census page follow the same pattern: 11 Court 1 House, 11 Court 2 House, 11 Court 3 House etc.
Many thanks,

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Ben Jonson Street

Please can anyone confirm this photo is of Ben Jonson street and if so can they positively identify the tower in the distance and its location .The photo is taken from

David Mattocks

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Spanish Civil War on Liverpool’s Catholic population

To whom it may concern,

I am currently a postgraduate History researcher at Royal Holloway, University of London, and am in the process of completing a piece of research focusing on the impact of the Spanish Civil War on Liverpool’s Catholic population. I was wondering whether any of your members should like to offer any advice or comments regarding this project, and indeed whether any of them have any specific documentation relating to the conflict that may be accessible.
Any advice, comments or suggestions as to where I might access further information would be greatly appreciated.
Kindest Regards
Richard Ryan

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South Castle Street

Hello Liverpool History Society

While doing other research for a book I came across an address that puzzles me.

In a list of representatives of an insurance company, their names are listed along with their address. Please see below:

There is “35 Castle-street” and there is “11 South Castle-street”

I know that Castle-street would have been in the centre of Liverpool.  There is also a “11 south Castle-street” in Woolton.  I am trying to find out if it is possible that “11 South Castle-street” is possibly part of Castle Street in the centre of Liverpool, or is it indeed the street in Woolton?

I need some local experience to clear this up please. I have worked for many years with our local heritage society, but I live in Canada and hope that someone in Liverpool might be able to please assist with this question.

Thank you.

Stuart Stark

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Schintz family

Dear Sir/Madam

I would most grateful for any information about the Schintz family in Liverpool.

Hans Gaspard Schintz was a merchant of Liverpool who traded in S American phosphates from the 1860s until his death in 1912.  His daughter Susan Dora Cecilia Schintz was born in 1868 (she often dropped the Susan).  I have absolutely no information about her (other than her birth and census records) until 1906.

I was wondering if there was anyone in your Society who has any information about here before this date?

With thanks in anticipation.


John Athersuch

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