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Cameron Street, Kensington

Deysbrook 1
Deysbrook 2
Hi there,
I am interested to know how old the houses would be in Cameron Street, Kensington, West Derby. My great grandparents lived there at no 83, in 1881. I am wondering whether these terrace houses would have been new then. Am trying to work out whether they would have bought the house or paid rent for it, and whether it might have belonged to some company for their workers.

I am also interested to find out more about Deysbrook Lane. In some Census it is called Deys Lane. Another ancestor of mine lived there at number 70, from about 1841. He was a tailor, but he died in 1855 and his wife lived on there as a laundress, but her address appeared to change (by 1871) to Hughes Cottages, Bevans Road, which might have been on the corner of Deys Lane. I am trying to understand what Hughes Cottages might represent – would this be a collective sort of living like a Court? Would it be a particularly poor address? Its hard to get a picture from afar. On the one hand this area appears to have been a rural location, and makes me wonder why a tailor would live a long way from an urban area, or later, how a laundress would manage away from an urban area.
Lastly, One of my ancestors (who lived in 21 Tuebrook) was a cigar maker. Could that address have been a ‘court’ development? Also I am curious as to where a cigar maker would work in Liverpool, ie, a factory, a small shop, or at home. Any clues would be most appreciated.

Hope you find my questions of interest, and I look forward to hearing from you

many thanks
Marea Carfax-Foster
Perth, Western Australia

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Electoral Roll Information

Dear sir/madam

I am researching my family history and have come up against a bit of a wall. My father’s family originally hail from West Derby, but left for Plymouth around 1935. My grandfather leaving his mother & 7 brothers and sisters behind. Well, I’ve discovered the fate of most of his brothers, but the sisters are another story. The records unfortunately don’t show the marriage partners names and consequently we cannot discover what happened to them.
We have one small clue, which might be able to help us. In 1930 my great grandparents William and Margaret Woodward lived in Webb Street, Liverpool and it seems one of their married daughters lived on the opposite side of the road to them. The problem is who do I contact in Liverpool to get information on the electoral roll? whose records I believe began in 1934.
In Plymouth we have similar records in the main library, is the situation in Liverpool the same? If so, would you have a contact number or email address?
Thank you for any possible help in this situation.
Brian G Woodward

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