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>United States Rest Camp at Knotty Ash, Springfield Park

>Can anyone help with the location of the United States Rest Camp at Knotty Ash used during the First World War. One report said that the troops left the train at K A station and walked a quarter of a mile to ” an oasis of tents.” Were there barrack buildings there as well as my grandfather was there in 1918 awaiting a ship for Cananda with his new bride.Could the site have been in the grounds of Thingwall House?


17/08/2009 - Posted by | Springfield Park, United States Rest Camp at Knotty Ash


  1. the camp site was in spring field park at the rear of alder hey hostpitalaprox two hundred yards from station..i worked in the park in the sixties and found lots of articles such as buttons ,,buckles etc.

    Comment by Anonymous | 08/01/2010 | Reply

  2. also in the park was a stone building,that was called the mortuary,when it was demolished we found lots of cast iron pots and pans in a large hole to one side of building,this builing was used also as a childrens entertainment stage,e.g. punch and judy shows etc..the builing was demolished in 1960….

    Comment by Anonymous | 31/03/2010 | Reply

  3. where the childrens playground is now,in the sixties a large flooded area appeared the council had the area dug up by machine,they found a large pit with brick walls about five to six feet deep, in the wall at the hospital end was a lead pipe about four inches in diameter, the boss of the job reckoned the pipe led to a cistern, water tank, or a boiler room. around this area ther was a lot of ash and clinker,but then all the paths in those days where spread with ashes ect..the foreman believed the water was coming from the hospital grounds as a lot of builing work was behing done at time,the pipe was sealed and the hole back filled but the walls ect .where ripped out to make sure of no more floods…

    Comment by Anonymous | 01/04/2010 | Reply

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