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43 Hurry Street

According to her birth certificate, my grandmother Elizabeth Foster was born 1/1/1896 when her parents were living at 43 Hurry Street, Toxteth Park. Apparently that street no longer exists but I would like to know approx. where it was and what happened to it.
Thank you in advance,
Diego Alonso Segundo Romelli Foster

13/03/2012 - Posted by | 43 Hurry Street


  1. Hurry Street was a small street off Cockburn Street in the Dingle, it consisted of small 2 up 2 down houses which the council demolished and turned the space into a small swing park and a floodlit football pitch.

    Comment by Brenda Robson | 13/03/2012 | Reply

  2. Hello Diego,

    please see map above. Also Ringos Mum was born at No 4 Hurry Street.


    Rob Ainsworth.
    Liverpool History Society
    Web site:

    Comment by Liverpool History Society Questions | 13/03/2012 | Reply

  3. Dear Brenda and Rob: thank you very much for your quick reply and info given. I was not aware Ringo’s mum was born on the same street… Hopefully, I will be able to visit the UK and that area in Liverpool in particular in the next couple of years.

    Comment by Diego Alonso | 14/03/2012 | Reply

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