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A selection of Liverpool history questions submitted to the Liverpool History Society


Dear Historians
Today in the woods next to our house in Oxfordshire I found a small clear glass bottle with a bluish tinge that looks like an old medicine bottle, with the words “TAYLOR LIVERPOOL” stamped on the base. I’m curious to know who Taylors were and whether they were bottle makers (there was a lot of glassmaking near you) or medicine producers. Google has not got me very far except that there is an exotic poison bottle made by Taylors – which my bottle isn’t.

Any info please on Taylors. a date for the bottle and what might have been in it?

Many thanks
Judi Sutherland


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Liver Sketching Club

I am writing the history of the Liver Sketching Club, Liverpool, which was founded in 1872.
The leading founder – and the club’s first President – was Samuel Burkinshaw who, at the time, was Art Master at Liverpool Collegiate in Shaw Street. He was born in Yardley, Birmingham, in 1827 and by the 1861 Census, he was an Art Teacher in Liverpool. I have a number of addresses for him in Everton and fairfield. There are many advertismenst in the Liverpool Mercury for his services as an art teacher / teacher of drawing but, as he was so important to the club, I an keen to find out anything I can about him. At the moment, I don’t even have the date or place where he died.
Would you be able to assist?
Many thanks
David Brown

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Cooks Glass and Bottle Works


I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they remember a glass and bottle works called cooks. My Grandmother used to tell me her family owned it but it was bombed in the war, i’m not sure if it was the first or second war

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Goodlass Wall Paint Co. (Liverpool)


Thank you for this opportunity to post,

I’m a Melbourne historian seeking contact with anyone with knowledge of the Goodlass Wall Paint Co.  (Liverpool). The company set up in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood around 1915 and continued at the site until the mid 1950s.  Around the 1930s or 40s  they expanded their enterprise with a new brick factory at the site.  I am hoping to gain information concerning this expansion but particularly information concerning the architects used by the company for their overseas constructions.  I believe the building concerned was designed by their (Liverpool based? ) English architects.  Would anyone have details concerning architects used by the firm or would anyone have copies of financial reports from the 1930s onwards?.  I’m sure that photographs of the firm’s overseas holdings must exist somewhere but I have had no luck in locating any information whatsoever.

The company was amalgamated some years ago but I have not received any  replies from previous inquiries; perhaps someone at the History Forum could advise more fruitful lines of inquiry.  All information or suggestions gratefully accepted.


John Matthews

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Pub at 77/79 Upper Parliament St

Hi to all

I am searching for the name of a pub that my grandfather managed at 77/79 Upper Parliament St about 1930.I cannot remember the name of it

His name was James Mckenna,the family later ran the hare&hounds pub on commutation row now demolished

It was just across the road from the George’s hall.hope somebody can help,


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Netherfield Road Hospital

Can you tell me what kind of hospital was this. When did it close down. Is there any way of getting records from there or where are they kept.
Kind regards Tony Kelly

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St Georges Boys Industrial School West Derby Road

Hope you can help me, i have just picked up a small carved wood table and underneath is a plaque reading ‘ St Georges boys industrial school west derby road liverpool’.
Do you know if the school is still there?
Thanking you in advance
Steve Latter

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Botanic Beer Company

I have found a bottle washed up on the beach in Southport its reads

Botanic Beer Co


30 Low Hill


at the bottom of the bottle it has stamped FGO

Am intrested to know the history of the bottle anything about the brewry and value (not bothered if it not worth a penny)  The letters are embossed rather than impressed but its very “light” embossing

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Quaker girls’ School

I wonder if you are able to help me identify a Quaker girls’ School and a girls’ orphanage near that school both of which would have been active during the period 1900-1910. I am uncertain whether they would have been in or near to Liverpool.
Many thanks

Hazel Dakers

The Cedars, 2 Upper Butts,

Brentford Middx TW8 8DA, UK

Tel +44 (0)20 8568 2209

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78 Vintage and Rare books on Genealogy, Social and General History of Liverpool on one DVD

78 Vintage and Rare books on Genealogy, Social

and General History of Liverpool on one DVD 

£5.99 plus £1 p&p for UK

£5.99 plus £2.70 p&p for Worldwide

These fantastic Vintage and Rare books comprise of books on Genealogy, Social History and General History and range in publication date between 1766 and 1920. The Books on the DVD are in the public domain and therefore no copyright rules have been breached. There may be some imperfections due to ageing, deletions of added notes, pen markings and some missing pages as they have been scanned from original books.

The Books are all in PDF format therefore you will require Adobe reader which you can download free on your computer from www

The Books are on a DVD-R and will not be readable with some CD-ROM Drives and Operating Systems prior to Windows XP. However a full refund will be given if DVD is returned within 30 Days.

The Books contain several vintage illustrations some of which are included here.

The following books are in number order. The PDF file book descriptions on the DVD have the equivalent numbers for ease of reference.



1 “A burning and a shining light”: being the memoir of the Rev. Thomas Spencer, of Liverpool, 1856. By Thomas Raffles.

2 A Companion to the Liverpool Museum. By William Bullock.

3 A compendious and impartial account of the Election at Liverpool 1806.

4 A general and descriptive history of the ancient and present state, of the town of Liverpool : comprising, a review of its government, police, antiquities, and modern improvements; the progressive increase of street, square, public buildings, and inhabitants, together with a circumstantial account of the true causes of its extensive African trade,1796. By James Wallace.

5 A history of Liverpool 1907. By Ramsay Muir.

6 A History of Municipal Government in Liverpool: From the Earliest Times to the Municipal Reform 1906. By Ramsay Muir.

7 A strange but true history of a Dam fine piece of work, which took place in what is styled a Court of Justice at Liverpool etc. By Samuel Mack.

8 A. Green & Co.’s Directory for Liverpool and Birkenhead 1870.

9 An account of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway : comprising a history of the parliamentary proceedings preparatory to the passing of the act, a description of the railway in an excursion from Liverpool to Manchester, and a popular illustration of the mechanical principles applicable to railways, also an abstract of the expenditure from the commencement of the undertaking with observations on the same 1830. By Henry Booth.

10 An authentic narrative of the shipwreck and sufferings of Mrs. Eliza Bradley, the wife of Capt. James Bradley of Liverpool, commander of the ship Sally which was wrecked on the coast of Barbary, in June 1818, 1820. By Eliza Bradley.

11 An essay towards the history of Liverpool 1774. By William Enfield.

12 An inventory of the plate, register books, and other moveables in the two parish churches of Liverpool, St. Peter’s and St. Nicholas’, 1893; with a transcript of the earliest register, 1660-1672; together with a catalogue of the ancient library in St. Peter’s church and some extracts from the vestry records, 1893. By Henry Peet.

13 Annals of the Liverpool Stage, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, 1908. By R J Broadbent.

14 Bygone Liverpool 1913. By Ramsay Muir.

15 Cholera; a Report on the late visitation in Liverpool read before the Medical Society Oct 20th 1853.

16 Description of the Rail Road from Liverpool to Manchester by P Moreau Engineer together with a history of the Rail Roads and matters connected therewith by A Notre, 1833.

17 Essay on the Liverpool Spa Water, 1773. By Thomas Houlston.

18 Essays to the men of Liverpool, 1860. By Hugh Stowell Brown.

19 Freeling’s Grand Junction railway companion to Liverpool, Manchester. 1838. By Arthur Fielding.

20 Historical Record of the King’s Liverpool Regiment of Foot, 1883. By Richard Cannon.

21 History of the Commerce and town of Liverpool and of the rise of manufacturing industry in the adjoining counties, 1859. By Thomas Baines.

22 History of the Liverpool privateers and letters of marque with an account of the Liverpool slave trade 1897. By Gomer Williams.

23 John Drayton; being a history of the early life and development of a Liverpool engineer Vol 1, 1851. By Margaret Oliphant.

24 John Drayton; being a history of the early life and development of a Liverpool engineer Vol 2, 1851. By Margaret Oliphant.

25 John Manesty, the Liverpool merchant Vol 1 & 2 1844. By William Maginn.

26 List of emigrants to America from Liverpool, 1697-1707, 1913.

27 List of shareholders in the Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company, June 1, 1833: established April 30, 1829, under the authority of an act of Parliament, passed in the seventh year of Geo. IV, 1833.

28 Liverpool 1907. By Dickson Scott.

29 Liverpool a few years since 1885. By James Aspinall.

30 Liverpool addresses on ethics of social work 1911. By John MacCunn.

31 Liverpool as it was during the last quarter of the eighteenth century, 1775 to 1800, 1853. By Richard Brooke.

32 Liverpool Banks & Bankers, 1760-1837: A History of the Circumstances which gave rise to the industry and of the men who founded and developed it.1906. By John Hughes.

33 Liverpool Chess Club: A Short Sketch of the Club from Its First Meeting, 1893. By J S Edgar.

34 Liverpool cotton telegraph code for the use of buyers, importers, exporters and users of American cotton 1882. By H R Meyer.

35 Liverpool in 1859. By Thomas Baines.

36 Liverpool in King Charles the Second’s time 1899. By Edward Moore.

37 Liverpool public libraries. A history of fifty years 1903. By Peter Cowell.

38 Liverpool sketches. By Hugh Shimmin 1862.

39 Liverpool, its commerce, statistics, and institutions; with a history of the Cotton trade 1825. By Henry Smithers.

40 Memoir of Henry Booth of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway and afterwards of the London and North-Western Railway, 1869. By Robert Smiles.

41 Memoirs of the late Captain Hugh Crow of Liverpool: comprising a narrative of his life together with descriptive sketches of the western coast of Africa, particularly of Bonny; the manners and customs of the inhabitants, the productions of the soil, and the trade of the country, 1830. By Hugh Crow.

42 Memorials of Liverpool: Including a History of the Dock Estate 1873 Vol 1. By James A Pickton.

43 Memorials of Liverpool: historical and topographical, including a history of the Dock Estate Vol 2 1875. By James A Picton.

44 Minutes of evidence and proceedings on the Liverpool and Birkenhead dock 1857.

45 Minutes of Evidence on the Birkenhead and Liverpool Dock Bills, Session 1848, 1850. By Thomas Webster.

46 Old Liverpool: written in manuscript 1889. By R Postance.

47 Organization of nursing: an account of the Liverpool Nurses’ Training School, its foundation, progress, and operation in hospital, district, and private nursing 1865. By Florence Nightingale.

48 Practical guide in the preparation of town planning schemes, with appendices containing the text of the Act, the procedure regulations, extracts from the Hampstead Garden Suburb Act, 1906, extracts from the Liverpool Corporation (Streets and Buildings) Act, 1908,1911. By E G Bentley.

49 Recollections of a busy life: being the reminiscences of a Liverpool merchant 1840-1910, 1910. By William B Forwood.

50 Recollections of Old Liverpool 1863. By James Stonehouse.

51 Reminiscences of a Liverpool ship owner, 1850-1920, 1920. By William B Forwood.

52 Report of the Health of Liverpool 1872. By W S Trench.

53 Report to the Health committee on the borough of Liverpool on the sewage, paving, cleansing, and other works, under the Sanitary act, from 1856 to 1862 inclusive c1863.

54 Selections from the municipal archives and records of the City of Liverpool Vol 1 1883. By James A Pickton.

55 Selections from the municipal archives and records of the City of Liverpool Vol 2 1886. By James A Pickton.

56 Shipping casualties. (Loss of the steamship “Falaba”). Report of a formal investigation into the circumstances attending the foundering on 28th March of the British steamship “Falaba”, of Liverpool, in or near latitude 51 30′ N., longitude 6 36′ W., whereby loss of life ensued,1915.

57 Smith’s Strangers’ guide to Liverpool, its environs, and part of Cheshire, for 1843, 1843. By Alexander Brown.

58 Some Account of the Ancient Chapel of Toxteth Park, Liverpool, from the Year 1618 to 1883, and of its Ministers especially Richard Mather the First Minister.1884. By David D Valentine.

59 The Charter, granted to the burgesses of Liverpool, by William III, 1810.

60 The commerce of Liverpool 1854. By Braithwaite Poole.

61 The cotton trade of Great Britain: including a history of the Liverpool cotton market and of the Liverpool Cotton Brokers’ Association 1886. By Thomas Ellison.

62 The Export Coal Trade of Liverpool a letter to Thomas Littledale Chairman of the Liverpool Dock Trust. By William Laird.

63 The first year’s working of the Liverpool Docks Scheme 1914. By Richard Williams.

64 The greatest of our social evils: prostitution, as it now exists in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin 1857. By Gustave A Richelot.

65 The history of Liverpool from the earliest authenticated period down to the present time, illustrated with views of the principal buildings in the town and its vicinity, 1810.

66 The Liverpool Directory, for the Year 1766: Containing an Alphabetical List of the Merchants, tradesmen and principal inhabitants of the town of Liverpool.1766.

67 The No-Popery agitation and the Liverpool Corporation Schools. By C E Trevelyan.

68 The picture of Liverpool, or, stranger’s guide 1805.

69 The picture of Liverpool, or, stranger’s guide 1835.

70 The place-names of the Liverpool district; or, the history and meaning of the local and river names of South-west Lancashire and of Wirral, 1898. By Henry Harrison.

71 The Royal Picturesque Hand-Book of Liverpool, a manual for resident and visitor with a day at Birkenhead and a series of pleasant excursions in the environs. By H M Addey.

72 The speeches and public addresses of the Right Hon. George Canning during the election in Liverpool: which commenced on Friday the 7th and terminated on Wednesday the 12th of June, 1816. 1816. By George Canning.

73 The squib-book; an impartial account of the Liverpool election, March, 1820.

74 The Stranger in Liverpool, Or, an Historical and Descriptive View of the Town of Liverpool 1812. By Thomas Kaye.

75 The tales of old Liverpool 1886. By John P Eiffe.

76 The University of Liverpool: It’s Present State 1907. By Ramsay Muir.

77 Tracts of the Liverpool Financial reform association, 1851.

78 Women’s Industries in Liverpool: An Enquiry into the Economic effects of legislation regulations, 1904. By Ramsay Muir.

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